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Welcome To The *pme4jesus* Brand! *START* of “An Experience With Jesus”
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The pme4jesus brand was founded in 2023 after we became Born Again. Excellence to us is a Habit!
Trusting God’s Plan in Uncertain Times
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In a world of uncertainties, trust plays a pivotal role in our faith journey.
Abundance In Christ Episodes 43-45 (Jesus Is The Answer)
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When you truly trust the process you become *What You Believe!*
Abundance In Christ Episodes 34-36 (Thank You Jesus)
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Obstacles come so that you can become a person worthy of having what you prayed for
Leviticus 18:22 condemns homosexual acts
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Attempts to limit the application of Leviticus 18:22 to a pagan cultic context fail contextually and logically
Happy Children’s Day: Abundance In Christ Episodes 13-15
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Children spread joy and happiness in every season as they are the most beautiful creation of God
Welcome To PME TV: Abundance In Christ Episodes 11 & 12
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The most beautiful thing about our *Mind & Body* is our ability to change them. God's goal is *NOT* your *Comfort* ! ... its your *Character*
Hilda Baci: Nigerian chef ready to poach world cooking record
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She has cooked mostly Nigerian meals, such as jollof rice, as well as different types of rice and pasta
Twitter drops labels on major news accounts
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Several news organisations have left the platform in response to the funding tags.
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