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May 2022
Twitter fined $150m in US for selling users’ data
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Twitter generates most of its revenue from advertising on its platform, which allows users ranging from consumers to celebrities to corporations to post 280-character messages, or tweets.
Xiaomi officially announces partnership with Leica
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Leica actually co-developed hardware and software with Huawei. The camera company's most well known and definitely most successful such partnership so far was with Huawei.
Samsung Galaxy A23 Review
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As is usually the case with budget Samsung phones, the main focus of the Samsung Galaxy A23 seems to be the camera department.
Thanks for making my birthday so special
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Birthdays are good for you. Statistics show that the people who have the most live the longest...
Apple to discontinue the iPod after 21 years
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The iPod Touch was designed by the same team that later invented the iPhone, which quickly overshadowed the iPod.
Microsoft planning to launch Xbox TV streaming device soon
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With cloud-based gaming platforms, companies like Microsoft can now shift their strategy in new ways previously not possible.
Bill Gates on Elon Musk feud
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Bill Gates used to be the world's richest person. That title is now held by Elon Musk. The two men, however, don't get on.
Apple accused of breaking competition law over contactless payments
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More than 2,500 banks in Europe use Apple Pay and Apple smartphones represent around a third of the market across Europe. Subscribe to our social media pages today.
Happy New Month of May from PME
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*Happiness* Keeps You SWEET, *Trials* Make you STRONG, *Sorrows* Keeps you HUMBLE, *Success* Keeps You Glowing. May this month of "May" provide Majic Moments!

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