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October 2023
Trusting Godโ€™s Plan in Uncertain Times
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In a world of uncertainties, trust plays a pivotal role in our faith journey.
Abundance In Christ Episodes 52-54 (TRANSFORMATION through Christ)
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The Power of the Gospel
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The "good news" thatย Jesus Christ brought has tremendous effectiveness in the lives of its hearers - if they believe it.
Abundance In Christ Episodes 49-51 (Blessings, Faith & Joy)
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Maybe if we chase God as much as we chase other people, God will give us people that we don't have to chase.
Activating Godโ€™s Help in Our Christian Lives
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โ€œCast all your cares on the Lord and He will sustain you.โ€ Psalms 55:22
Abundance In Christ Episodes 46-48 (Prayerful Preparation Prevents Poor Performance)
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Jesus *Didn't* die to give us a *Religion* ! He died to give us a *Love Relationship* with *God* !

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