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January 2024
Season 1, Episode 5 Of – An Experience With Jesus
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Often we deceive ourselves by pretending to Repent without really agreeing with God on a Deep level.
Church Is More Than A Building
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A Church building is no guarantee of God being present or God’s people being effective.
SEASON 1, EPISODE 4 OF – An Experience With Jesus
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The messaging mechanisms of this world are designed to instill fear.
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If you show up uninvited to your neighbor’s house, you will eventually ruin that relationship.
Season 1, Episode 3 Of – An Experience With Jesus
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Choose The Jesus Way!* Focus On Jesus and the Holy Spirit will lead you at all times.
Happy New Year 2024  ♥  from all of us at PME Africa.
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Each moment is a chance for a new beginning and a fresh chapter in the book of life. Cheers to the journey ahead!

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