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January 2023
Introducing PME Prints
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Build your digital presence and connect with new customers with PME Prints.
Donald Trump to be allowed back onto Facebook and Instagram
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Truth Social, a social media platform he set up in 2021, has vastly fewer users than Facebook
Google parent Alphabet to cut 12,000 jobs
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Analysts have said tech's big guns had previously overspent, not seeing a slowdown on the horizon.
Twitter: Five ways Elon Musk has changed the platform for users
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Twitter is known for being small but influential - but this was not translating into profit.
Apple boss Tim Cook to have pay cut by over 40% this year
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The biggest difference to his pay package is how he will be awarded shares in the firm.
Key cryptocurrency terms and what they mean
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Central banks around the world are developing or exploring digital currencies.
Nigeria kidnappings: Dozens abducted waiting for train in Edo state
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Following the attack, the Nigeria Railway Corporation yesterday announced closure of Ekehen Station in Edo State till further notice.
World’s Richest Footballer is Faiq Bolkiah with net worth of Β£20billion far ahead of Ronaldo and Messi
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Born in Los Angeles, Bolkiah holds dual citizenship of the United States and Brunei
Increase in Advertisement rates on our website
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