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God Is Love | Season 1, Episode 24 Of -An Experience With Jesus
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99% of the time God doesn't give you what you want, the way you want it and in your own timing and that's because *HE LOVES YOU!*
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The Bible is more than just a book. It is Spirit and Life. The more of God's word you receive, the stronger you'll become in overcoming Temptation.
The Love Of Jesus | Season 1, Episode 23 Of -An Experience With Jesus
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When the Scripture talks about *Death* and *Life* being in the power of the tongue its talking about the consequences of the words that we speak on a regular basis!
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The word of God is your greatest weapon against the voice of the satanic. If you don't have a standard, you'll never know if you're off standard.
Religion & Legalism vs A Relationship With God | Season 1, Episode 22 Of -An Experience With Jesus
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By Biblical definitions, Religion and Legalism refers man's *attempt* to accomplish *by his works* what can only be accomplished through *Christ Jesus*
Has God Called Us Just To Attend CHURCH On Sundays? NO – HE WANTS US TO BECOME THE CHURCH.
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Whether you're a Doctor, a Teacher, a Student, a Receptionist, a Lawyer, a stay at Home parent, working 3 Jobs or working just 1 job, WE ARE ALL CALLED TO MINISTRY. To Evangelise.
Growing Into Righteousness | Season 1, Episode 21 Of -An Experience With Jesus
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Let's grow into that *Righteousness*. As we grow into that Righteousness the power of sin in our life will *Diminish*
What does Church really mean? THE BODY OF CHRIST
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There is unity in the Body of Christ. In Christ we are One, One God, One Holy Spirit, One Baptism. One tree, many branches
Moving Towards The Future | Season 1, Episode 20 Of -An Experience With Jesus
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There are *some things and people* you're gonna have to let go of. You're sitting around looking at everyone else seeing their life takeoff and asking when it's gonna be your turn.
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