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Abundance In Christ Episodes 52-54 (TRANSFORMATION through Christ)
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Do you have a desire to study the Bible?

How can you *Think and Act* like *Christ* if you don't study your Bible?

If you wanna change *Combine* God's Power (through Prayer), God's Word(The Bible), God's Holy Spirit (You Need the spirit to understand the Bible), plus *Obedience*

What is the result? *TRANSFORMATION*

When you truly accept Jesus things change πŸ™ I'm not saying you gonna be *Sinless* ... I'm saying you're gonna *Sin* *Less* ! Hehehe πŸ˜€

People be like .. " *Life* is *Short* better *Enjoy* it"! ...

How about " *Eternity* is *Long* better *Prepare for it* ?"

The Only Way to *overcome* the pleasures of Sin is to *Love God* more than pleasure πŸ™ And the only way to Love God is to *allow Jesus* in your heart to *Change it!*

You don't need to Change yourself before going to Jesus!You go to him first and by *Mercy & Grace* allow transformation to happen!

God's goal is *NOT* your *Comfort* ! ... its your *Character*

Quick success builds your *Ego* ...Slow success builds your Character

Welcome to PME TV

Creating an Environment to talk about *Growth, Feelings, Health & Happiness* in Jesus Christ πŸ™Subscribe Today!

*PME* ... "Mixing Glamour, Good Service & Luxury" to the Glory of our Lord Jesus Christ πŸ™

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