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Battling The Cults: Approach God Directly
For everything worthwhile, there exists a counterfeit.

Cults come in all varieties, often with exotic names like Urantia or the Church of Scientology.

They demand much from their members: a lifetime of discipline and absolute loyalty. And they also promise much in return: the pathway to a secret, hidden knowledge available only to those who follow them.

Traders, Business people even Pastors belongs to Cults these days and have mysterious religious ideas. Christians are now faced with variations of the Gospel.

Many Cults do not reject Jesus outright; they merely work him into a more elaborate scheme. Christ and simple forms of worship, they taught, were fine for beginners, but for the "Deep things of God", well some further steps would be required.

Because Jesus bridged the chasm between God and us, we don't have to approach God indirectly, through a ladder of angels or other gods. For example we *DO NOT HAVE TO PRAY THROUGH MARY* (Hail Mary).

We have no need to prove out worth through superior behaviour. We can come to God directly and Boldly because of Christ Jesus. CHRIST IS ENOUGH.

All the mystery and treasure and wisdom you could ask for are found in the person of Jesus Christ; there is no need to look elsewhere.

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God doesn't give up on you because you mishandled what he gave you.

He has another opportunity so you can prove to him who you really are.

You're NOT defined by your mistakes โ€ฆ
You're PREPARED by your mistakes โ€ฆ

Every failure CAN teach you something. DON'T live in regrets LEARN from your mistakes

Get the lesson out of it so you don't keep repeating it!

Wealth gotten by Vanity shall be diminished: but he that gathers by labor shall increase. Proverbsย 13 vs 11

*PME*ย ... "Mixing Glamour, Good Service & Luxury" to the Glory of our Lord Jesus Christ

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