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Abundance In Christ Episodes 19-21
*PME* ... "Mixing Glamour, Good Service & Luxury" to the Glory of our Lord Jesus Christ

If God is making you wait then be prepared to receive more than you asked for. God will answer your prayers but maybe not in the way you were expecting.

He will give you *challenges* so that you can *grow*

*Obstacles* so that you can become a person worthy of *having what you prayed for*


Wish for the *strength* to be able to *overcome* obstacles 💪 Because only then will you be able to get what you want

If you want freedom to live your dream life obstacles will come naturally But you can make it easier by *ACCEPTING JESUS CHRIST* 🙏

Jesus Loves Us. Let's *Repent, Pray and Praise/Worship* our Lord and Saviour in Spirit and Truth. The church is in our hearts. *NOT A BUILDING* But still FELLOWSHIP with likeminded Believers in Christ!

Read Your Bible Daily!


*An Experience With Jesus* " .. Brought to you by *PME TV* . Powered by the *PME Party Planner *

Welcome to PME TV

Creating an Environment to talk about *Growth, Feelings, Health & Happiness* in Jesus Christ 🙏

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