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Welcome To PME TV: Abundance In Christ Episodes 11 & 12
The most beautiful thing about our *Mind & Body* is our ability to change them. God's goal is *NOT* your *Comfort* ! ... its your *Character*

When you truly accept Jesus things change πŸ™ I'm not saying you gonna be *Sinless* ... I'm saying you're gonna *Sin* *Less* ! Hehehe πŸ˜€

Welcome to PME TV

Creating an Environment to talk about *Growth, Feelings, Health & Happiness* in Jesus Christ πŸ™Subscribe Today!

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Events | Shop | PME Blog

*Enjoy Your Day*

People be like .. " *Life* is *Short* better *Enjoy* it"! ... How about " *Eternity* is *Long* better *Prepare for it* ?"

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If your Kids can understand cartoons they can understand *God's Word* ... Abundance In Christ ... Children's Day *SPECIAL EDITION* ..

MAY 27TH, 2023. *WATCH OUT!*

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