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Apple in Mumbai: Tim Cook inaugurates first store in India
Before now Apple products were sold in India through reseller stores and e-commerce websites

Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook has launched the company's first retail store in India in the financial capital Mumbai.

Mr Cook will also attend the opening of a second store in the capital Delhi on Thursday. Reports say that people from across India came to Mumbai to participate in the opening event, which also featured local music and folk dance performances.

The design of the Mumbai store - which is located in an upscale neighbourhood - has been inspired by the black-and-yellow taxis that are ubiquitous in the city.

Until now, Apple products have been available in India either online or through a vast network of resellers.

The new stores come at a time when Apple is trying to deepen its retail push in India, the world's second largest smartphone market. The iPhone is still an aspirational product in the price-sensitive Indian market, where more than 95% of smartphones run on Google's Android platform.

Apple has long tried to open physical retail stores in India. Its original plans for 2021 were derailed because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

This is Mr Cook's first trip to India in seven years - the Apple CEO last visited in 2016 when the tech giant was just beginning to scale up operations in the country.

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