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Grammy Awards 2023: Early Grammys for Beyoncé
Beyonce recently announced her first solo world tour in seven years

Beyoncé has broken the record for the most Grammy Award wins of all time, after collecting her 32nd trophy at this year's ceremony.

The singer made history as she won best dance/electronic album, for her euphoric dance opus Renaissance.

In doing so, she overtook Hungarian-British conductor George Solti, whose record of 31 awards had stood for more than 20 years.

"I'm trying not to be too emotional," said the star, accepting the prize.

"I'm trying to just receive this night."

She went on to thank her family, including her late uncle Jonny, who helped make her stage outfits before she became famous.Beyoncé has previously said his battle with HIV influenced her interest in dance music and its historical ties to the LGBTQ community, on Renaissance.

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