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World’s Richest Footballer is Faiq Bolkiah with net worth of £20billion far ahead of Ronaldo and Messi
Born in Los Angeles, Bolkiah holds dual citizenship of the United States and Brunei

When you think of the world’s richest footballers, the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi instantly spring to mind, but even they fall short of Faiq Bolkiah's staggering worth.

Despite being relatively unknown in the football world, *Faiq Bolkiah* is the world's richest player, and already infinitely wealthier than Ronaldo. However, unlike Ronaldo, Bolkiah hasn't amassed his wealth from his endeavours on the pitch.

A former Premier League academy star currently playing in Portugal with the Sultan of Brunei for an uncle and the honour of captaining his country to his name, who exactly is billionaire boy Faiq Bolkiah?

Speaking of relatives, Bolkiah boasts regal family heritage with none other than the Sultan of Brunei as his uncle.

Born in Los Angeles, Bolkiah holds dual citizenship of the United States and Brunei, but has opted to represent the latter internationally, netting once in six appearances while also being awarded his nation’s captain’s armband.

Bolkiah spent much of his youth career bouncing around a number of Premier League clubs, including Southampton, Chelsea, Reading and Arsenal, before securing a first professional contract at Leicester City in Match 2016.


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