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Google to close Stadia cloud service and refund gamers
Stadia is a cloud gaming platform - so instead of buying a games console, discs and downloads, players can stream games over the internet.

Google has announced plans to shut down its Stadia cloud gaming service and refund players. Stadia was touted as "Netflix for games" when it launched in November 2019, allowing players to stream games online without owning a console.

But the service will now come to an end on 18 January 2023 because of a lack of "traction" with gamers.

Google has promised refunds to players who purchased its Stadia controller, as well as any games or add-on content.It said it estimates those refunds will be completed by mid-January.

Stadia games run on servers at Google data centres around the world, with the video footage streamed to a TV or mobile device.

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