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Gamers face price rise on PS5 but not Nintendo Switch
Sony is increasing its console prices because of inflation, but Nintendo says that despite rising costs, its prices will stay the same.

Gamers looking to buy a new console face a price rise if they want a Sony PlayStation 5, but not if they choose a Nintendo Switch. PS5s will cost an extra £30 in the UK, with EU consoles going up by €50 (£42) and Canadian consoles by CAD $20 (£13).

Despite the increase in cost of the PS5 in many jurisdictions, there will be no price rises in the US. Piers Harding-Rolls, industry analyst at gaming research firm Ampere Analysis, said the lack of a price increase in the US was a result of the strength of the dollar.

"Sony is a global entity which is operating I guess more consistently in lots of global markets, so they are impacted by currency exchanges and the strength of the dollar," he said."And that's why you're seeing price increases in some markets, but not in others - you've got this nuanced approach which is trying to reflect the impact on the costs of goods in relation to those specific markets."

PlayStation sued for £5bn in the UK over ‘rip-off’ games.

Sony PlayStation is being sued for £5bn in the UK over allegations it "ripped off its customers" with overpriced games and in-game purchases.

The group legal action, led by consumer rights champion Alex Neill, could see almost nine million gamers compensated. It claims Sony PlayStation breached competition law, imposing unfair terms and conditions on games' developers and publishers, and driving up prices.

The estimated damages per individual in the claim is said to be between £67 and £562. It applies to any customer who has purchased digital games or add-on content on their console or through the PlayStation Store since August 2016.

PlayStation users will automatically have a claim if they:

Owned a console since 19 August 2016

Live in the UK

Purchased digital PlayStation games

Made in-game purchases via the PlayStation Store

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