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The Galaxy Z Fold4 and Z Flip4 are alone at the foldable party. Samsung made both its foldables better in terms of Battery life and camera improvements

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 and Z Flip4 are here and while they may look similar to their predecessors, they bring a number of key updates. Samsung made two leaps in technical innovation by water-proofing its foldables to the IPX8 standard (resistance to water for up to 30 minutes in as much as a meter and a half of freshwater), and making the Galaxy Z Fold3 compatible with the S Pen - those are two unique traits for any folding phone even in 2022.

Samsung also reinforced the hinge and overall construction to make sure they fare better in the long run. The Galaxy Z Fold4 now has a 50MP main camera and the 10MP 3x zoom sensor from the Galaxy S22 series. The ultrawide, sadly, is still fixed-focus.

The Galaxy Z Flip4 got the main camera from last year’s Galaxy Z Fold3 - a 12MP 1/1.76” sensor with 1.8µm pixels (up from 1.4µm on the Flip3), that’s a 65% increase in light-gathering. The ultrawide is of the fixed focus flavor and there's no telephoto, but it's still a far more competent setup than last year.

An arguably equally important improvement to the Galaxy Z Flip4 is the battery. It’s now 400mAh bigger at 3,700mAh, which, Samsung claims, lets it stream videos for 3 hours longer. Even better, the Galaxy Z Flip4 got a much-needed bump in charging speed - the phone now tops up at 25W, compared to the paltry 15W of its predecessor.

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