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Introducing 3 New Categories To Our Website : Business, Technology & Entertainment
Enjoy the hottest Glitz, Glam & Gossip with the Entertainment category of the PME Africa website.

Over the years, the PME Party Planner founded in the UK in 2008 has brought you Fashion Shows, Nightclub events, TV series auditions and interviews including MTV's My Super sweet 16 and much more.

We have now added 3 new categories to our website. So for your latest Entertainment news and gossip, Business and Technology updates log on to our website. Also follow us on our social media platforms. Tell a friend ... to tell a friend ... so they could tell their friends.

*Ability* is what you're capable of doing... *Motivation* determines what you do... *Attitude* determines how well you do it. ....

This month of July we invite people with various talent to showcase their abilities via our website. Art/ Music/ Fashion/ Entertainment/ Writing or Poetry.... Whatever it is ..

Email: with details including photos and we will open our doors to you.

Call or WhatsApp +2348169815428 or Live Chat via our Website from anywhere in the world 🌎 Terms and Conditions apply.

Have a great day.

*Desire* makes *Slaves* out of *Kings* and *Patience* makes *Kings* out of *Slaves* .... hehehe..Β 
Introducing.. *PME Angels.*

Some people called me *Crazy* ... Others said I was *Insane* .... but I focused on those that called me *P.M.E* ... And when they told me I couldn't do it, I told them ...*"I HAVE DONE IT ALREADY"* .... hehehe


Contact Us For:

Birthday Parties

Bachelors Eve

Weddings πŸ’’

Fashion Shows

TV Commercial/Adverts

Product Launches etc.

The person I am today would like to thank The person I was 10 years ago' for not giving up...πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ˜


β€œ *Excuses* make today *easy* , but tomorrow *hard.* *Discipline* makes today *hard* but tomorrow *easy* ”

Have a wonderful day 😊

Events | Shop | PME Blog

Simply call/ WhatsApp or Live Chat and we'll do the rest.

*Advertise with us via our Website.* Terms & Conditions apply.


*Events :: Mobile Devices & Accessories :: Real Estate :: General Contractors*..

Philip Marcus Enterprises..

*PME*Β .. _"Mixing glamour, good service and luxury"._

*Home of the PME Party Planner.* πŸ₯³

+2348169815428, +2348074034680 *

..Β twitter @pme_africa. Subscribe to our YouTube channel, Find us on Instagram & Facebook. TikTokΒ @pmeafrica* Tell a friend .. to tell a friend.. so they can tell their friends._

Events | Shop | PME Blog

With each event, we retain our unique nature -never forgetting the personal touch that really makes the difference.

*Have a Fantastic day* 😊

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