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Apple WWDC 2022 kicks of today
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Apple’s annual World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) kicks of today June 6th 2022 and will last until the 10th. In person attendance will be limited will be limited, most who take part will experience the event online.

What Does Apple Have In Store For Us?

This event is all about software and developers. What the casual user should look forward to is the new versions of Apple’s various operating systems that power its phones, tablets, watches, computers, media players and, perhaps, other devices.

*iOS 16*

The new version of iOS will lay the groundwork for the new iPhones coming in September, which are rumored to have Always On Display functionality (AoD).

The main challenge with this is to keep power usage low and Apple has always been quite good at that. Will iPhone 13 and older get AoD? Unlikely, as most of the power savings come from the hardware and not the software.

*iPadOS 16*

The new OS version reportedly aims to make iPads closer to laptops. Analysts expect changes to the multitasking interface to include free-form resizable windows in addition to the current split-screen system. Even the app switcher will be touched up.

*WatchOS 9*

The new software will reportedly introduce a new power-saving mode. It won’t be as limited as Power Reserve mode as it will still let you use some apps and features while still prolonging battery life. How long? We’ll find out on Monday.The user interface may be reworked as well and there will be new health features. Rumors suggest that the new version will gain atrial fibrillation detection as well as new workout types and metrics.

*macOS 13 and new Macs*

MacOS 13, perhaps also to be called “Mammoth”, may see an overhaul of first-party apps, similar to their counterparts on iOS.And while the WWDC is mostly a software event, some leaksters suggest that Apple could unveil the very first of the M2 Macs. The company will allegedly start with a new MacBook Air, a new Mac mini isn’t out of the question either.

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