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Microsoft planning to launch Xbox TV streaming device soon
With cloud-based gaming platforms, companies like Microsoft can now shift their strategy in new ways previously not possible.

Nearly a year and a half ago, Microsoft’s Gaming CEO Phil Spencer revealed that it would be possible to stream Xbox games to your TV “in the next 12 months”. The same was said again in June 2021, when Microsoft confirmed that it would be offering a Smart TV app and Xbox streaming stick in the same amount of time.

In a new report from Venture Beat, “Microsoft plans to release an Xbox cloud-gaming streaming device” to be released sometime in the next 12 months. This, according to “people familiar with the matter”.

The delays are likely due to supply chain constraints caused by major disruptions in Ukraine due to the invasion and in China due to lockdowns.

It's presumed such a device would resemble either an Amazon Fire TV Stick or a Roku-like puck form factor. This device would let you stream from movie and TV apps, but also enable access to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

It’s also reported that Microsoft and Samsung are working closely to develop this streaming app so that Samsung Smart TV owners don’t even need to purchase a dedicated device for this purpose. This would also launch within the next 12 months.



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