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Happy New Month of May from PME
*Happiness* Keeps You SWEET, *Trials* Make you STRONG, *Sorrows* Keeps you HUMBLE, *Success* Keeps You Glowing. May this month of "May" provide Majic Moments!

Welcome to the month of May
My Month of Meriment!

This Month of May, it's all about the letter "M"!

More Money, Many Miracles, Majic Moments & Much More .. with PME

Q : What comes once in a minute, twice in a moment but not once in a thousand years?
A : The letter “ M "! … Hehehe …

P…."M"……E …. " Mixing glamour, good service & luxury"👌

From the guys that brought you Club P.H.E.N.O.M.E.N.O.N - Dallas, Texas..

From the guys that brought you Fashion Show:: Music:: Spoken word - London, UK..

From a city called " London " .. A zone called " One "..

Philip Marcus Enterprises presents …

SPECIAL INVITATION: A Philip Marcus's Birthday Party 2022

From the guys that brought you Playas and Divas - London UK…

Philip's VIP Birthday Extravaganza 2022 !

Thursday May 12, 2022 7pm.

.. Powered by the PME Party Planner.

See website for details.

Come Hungry…
Come Thirsty …
Come with your Dancing shoes 💃
Come One .. Come All!

Philip's Birthday Extravaganza 2022.

Thursday May 12, from 7pm. Join us!

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Whatever your taste, style or budget let us know. Order online via our website:

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A Dream written down with a Date becomes a Goal
A Goal broken down into Steps becomes a Plan
A Plan backed by Action becomes Reality.

Welcome to Month of May from PME

Events :: Mobile devices & Accessories :: Real Estate :: General Contractors . .

Philip Marcus Enterprises..

PME .. "Mixing glamour, good service and luxury".

Home of the PME Party Planner. 🥳

+2348169815428, +2348074034680

…. twitter @pme_africa. TikTok @pmeafrica … Tell a friend.. to tell a friend .. so they can tell their friends.*_
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Have a wonderful Month of May!

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